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Carson City group's journal focuses on coins of Mint, history

The Carson City Coin Collectors of America has released its summer edition of Curry's Chronicle.

Image courtesy of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America

In the summer 2014 issue of Curry’s Chronicle, the award-winning journal published by the Carson City Coin Collectors of America, club president Rusty Goe sets forth explicitly how the Carson City Mint came into existence. Other members share information on a wide variety of Carson City Mint coin-related topics, from customized collecting approaches, to “CC” half dollars, to "GSA dollars" — those coins sold by the General Services Administration in the 1970s.

Here are brief previews of summer-issue articles:

  • Life member Tom DeFina supplements his popular word-search puzzle with depictions of Carson City and its storied mint during the lively days of the United States’ Centennial anniversary in 1876. He shares why the 1876-CC Seated Liberty, Doubled Die Obverse dime is one of his favorite coins.
  • Bill Bugert sheds more light on the 1874-CC Seated Liberty, Railroad Tracks Reverse half dollar, providing both diagnostic characteristics and a census chart.
  • Mark Archambault’s article, “A Curious Look at 1871-CC Half Dollars,” discusses the “one-sided Proof” anomaly, on which he gained new insight from communication with Seated Liberty half dollar specialist Randy Wiley.
  • Weimar White’s article provides helpful information about the 1873-CC Seated Liberty, No Arrows half dollar.
  • Goe, in “The Need Fulfilled for a New Mint in the New State of Nevada,” presents readers with a comprehensive history of the establishment of Carson City, Nev., and how Abraham Curry — the club journal’s namesake — and others struggled to get a United States Branch Mint built and operational in the new state of Nevada’s capital city.

Three Curry’s Chronicle contributors in the latest issue offer a variety of collecting challenges for readers to consider. 

  • First, Mary Elise Arnold, in her article “Hooked on the Hobby of Collecting Carson City Coins,” spells out a nontraditional way to collect a 10-piece set of Carson City Mint coins, as well as the temptations and obstacles she’s faced in her pursuit of completion.
  • Next, Mitchell Yee finds yet another interesting angle of approach to the Carson City Mint GSA Morgan dollar niche, this time with his acquisition of a special-themed GSA box, issued for the National Governors’ Conference held in Nevada in 1973. 
  • And third, Michael Parrott, in “How Low Can You Go? A Review of Two ‘CC’ Silver Coins Graded Poor-01,” describes his “Po-Boy” Carson City Mint quarter dollar and half dollar. He challenges readers to locate Carson City Mint coins of the lowest possible certification level: Poor 1.

The Carson City Coin Collectors of America is a nonprofit club incorporated in the state of Nevada. It is open to any member in good standing seeking to share and receive information about the Carson City Mint and the coins produced there. Dues are $30 a year, which includes a three-issue subscription to Curry’s Chronicle.

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