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Carson City Mint celebrates 150th anniversary with events, medal

On Aug. 1, Coin Press No. 1, an original Carson City Mint coin press that struck coins beginning in 1870 will strike 200 Seated Liberty half dollar replicas. Pictured is an original 1870-CC Seated Liberty half dollar.

Original images courtesy of Heritage Auctions and Wikimedia Commons.

The Carson City Mint is celebrating its 150th anniversary with several “Mint 150” events planned to commemorate the legendary but short-lived facility. 

Throughout 2019, events will recognize the Carson City facility’s historic role in American numismatics and Nevada history. 

For example, a “Half Dollar Release Party” is scheduled for Aug. 1, when 200 special commemorative medals in the form of 1870-CC Seated Liberty half dollar replicas with an incused COPY as required by law will be struck at a catered party at the facility. 

Coin Press No. 1, the same press that minted the originals when the Mint opened in 1870, will be used to strike the replicas on .999 fine Nevada silver planchets. 

Orders for the replicas, sculpted by retired U.S. Mint engraver Tom Rogers, are being taken beginning July 1, but none will be available until the Aug. 1 release party. The pieces struck at the party will be “the first 200 of the series” according to Mint 150 program information

Museum members may purchase a ticket for the 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. event for either $142, which includes the purchase of a silver planchet, or $17 for the event only. Nonmember tickets are $150 and $25, respectively. A raffle will be held to determine the place in line for striking the replica, with proceeds benefiting the Nevada State Museum.

For information on attending the party or ordering a replica medal, contact the museum at 775-687-4810, ext 224, or email Nicolette Johnston at

Opened in 1870 to, among other things, process silver from the nearby Comstock Lode, the Carson City Mint produced some of the most sought-after coins in American numismatic history. Its distinctive two-letter CC Mint mark has for more than 125 years evoked the mythology of the “Wild West,” capturing the imaginations of countless collectors. 

Since its closure due to economic slow down and fluctuating metal prices in 1893, the Carson City Mint building was designated as a Carson City branch of the Nevada State Museum in 1941 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. 

The mint’s Coin Press No. 1 was purchased by the state of Nevada for $225 in 1958, and was returned to the museum premises after having been variously housed at the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints. 

Other Mint 150 events include monthly educational programs with demonstrations of the press at work currently scheduled through the end of 2019. 

Visit here for more about the release of the replica half dollars.

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