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Canceled 1870-CC half dollar reverse die displayed

Littleton Coin Company President David Sundman displays his lightly cancelled 1870-CC Seated Liberty half dollar die in Baltimore in March, 2014.

Image courtesy of Liberty Seated Collectors Club.

Littleton Coin Co. President David Sundman displayed his extremely rare, lightly canceled 1870-CC Seated Liberty half dollar reverse die on March 28, 2014, in Baltimore.

The die was displayed during the regional meeting of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club held in conjunction with the Whitman Baltimore Coin & Collectibles Expo.

Used to mint the first half dollars at the Carson City Branch Mint in Nevada, the die was identified as the one used for die marriage WB-1, Reverse A for 1870-CC half dollars (Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dollars by Randy Wiley and Bill Bugert).

Along with the die, Sundman included a display of background information. Sundman said the exhibit will be available for display at future shows.

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