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Breast Cancer Awareness Coin and Stamp set scheduled

The limited-edition 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin and Stamp set goes on sale from the United States Mint at noon Eastern Time Oct. 1.

Each set is offered at $39.95. The product limit is 25,000 sets with a household ordering limit of one set.

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The 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin and Stamp set, which augments the commemorative coin program launched March 15, includes one Proof 2018-S Breast Cancer Awareness copper-nickel clad half dollar and one Breast Cancer Research stamp from the U.S. Postal Service.

The common obverse and reverse designs for each coin in the three-coin Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin program were executed by Emily Damstra, a designer with the U.S. Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program and winner of the public design competition conducted for the program.

The obverse was engraved by U.S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Phebe Hemphill and the reverse by U.S. Mint Sculptor Engraver Renata Gordon.

The semi-postal stamp — a stamp sold to raise funds for a special purpose, such as for a charity — was designed by Ethel Kessler, designer, art director and typographer from the U.S. Postal Service. The stamp features an illustration of a mythical “goddess of the hunt” by Whitney Sherman and includes the phrases FUND THE FIGHT and FIND A CURE.

The stamp was originally issued July 29, 1998. The stamp — in green, copper, yellow, magenta, cyan and black — bears no denomination, only the words “First-Class.”

Stamps from the initial printing sold originally for 40 cents each, of which 32 cents covered the first-class letter rate. The additional 8 cents per stamp, after the USPS deducted “reasonable” production and related costs, was used to fund breast cancer research through the National Institutes of Health and the Medical Research Program of the Department of Defense.

The initial stamps were gravure printed by Avery Dennison Security Printing Division in Clinton, South Carolina. The number of stamps reportedly ordered from the printer was 280 million.

Jay Bigalke, editor-in-chief of Coin World’s sister philatelic operations, Linn’s Stamp News and Scott catalogs, said the stamp has been revised and printed since then by different printers at different times in the open-ended program. Bigalke says it appears the version of the stamp the Mint is using for the Breast Cancer Awareness Coin & Stamp set is the 2014 Breast Cancer Research issue, when the postal rate was 49 cents and the surcharge 11 cents.

The 2014 stamps were offset printed by Banknote Corporation of America for Sennett Security products. Banknote Corporation printed 20 million of the stamps.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, since the issuance of the first Breast Cancer Research stamps in 1998, through July 2018, a total of 1.038 billion of the stamps have been purchased, generating total funds of $87.8 million for breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer coin sales

Overall sales for the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Program are recorded in the Mint’s Sept. 2 report as follows (followed by each coin's current price):

Single Proof gold half eagle, 9,562 ($399.25).

Single Uncirculated gold half eagle, 4,086 ($389.25).

Single Proof silver dollar, 30,246 ($56.95).

Uncirculated silver dollar, 11,072 ($53.95).

Single Proof half dollar, 16,523 ($32.95).

Single Uncirculated half dollar, 9,906 ($30.95).

Coin prices shown include a surcharge of $35 for each gold coin, $10 for each silver coin, and $5 for each half dollar coin. The law authorizes the Mint to distribute the surcharges to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to further its efforts in breast cancer research.

More 2018 products

The U.S. Mint also announced specific dates for additional 2018 numismatic product releases:

??Oct. 10, 2018 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin set.

??Oct. 18, Limited-Edition Silver Proof set.

??Nov. 13, Block Island National Wildlife Refuge quarter dollar bags and rolls.

??Nov. 15, Uncirculated 2018-P Block Island National Wildlife Refuge 5-ounce silver quarter dollar.

??Nov. 27, Block Island National Wildlife Refuge quarters three-coin set. 

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