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Brasher Bulletin examines Joseph C. Mitchelson Collection

Donald H. Kagin discusses the Joseph C. Mitchelson Collection of pioneer gold coins and patterns in the summer issue of the Brasher Bulletin.

The Brasher Bulletin is the newsletter of the Society of Private and Pioneer Numismatists.

Housed in the Connecticut State Library, the Mitchelson Collection comprises 6,500 U.S. and foreign coins and pieces of currency, medals, tokens and books. It was donated in its entirety to the Connecticut State Library in December 1911.

The pioneer gold portion of the collection includes six unique uniface lead U.S. Assay Office and Moffat & Co. specimens that Kagin examined during a visit to the Library in 2010.

While precisely where and how Mitchelson acquired his collection is unknown, Kagin mentions as possible sources the notable numismatic personages who attended Mitchelson’s September 1911 funeral, including Thomas L. Elder, Wayte Raymond, Edgar H. Adams, T. Louis Comparette and Albert R. Frey.

Other stories in the summer 2011 issue include a “Pioneer Spotlight” on California Assayer Winslow J. Howard, written by Dan Owens; a piece by Jessica Kagin on “Three Coins Wines”; and a book review written by Don Kagin about John J. Ford, Jr. and the “Franklin Hoard” by Karl Moulton.

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