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Book shows valuable coins still in circulation

The fifth edition of the award-winning “Strike It Rich with Pocket Change” provides additional guidance on finding valuable error coins.

Image courtesy of Ken Potter.

The desire to “strike it rich” has led humanity to do dangerous things and take risks, but what if there was an easier way? Read on.

The fifth edition of Ken Potter and Brian Allen’s NLG award-winning book Strike It Rich With Pocket Change – Error Coins Bring Big Money! is now available.

The authors contend that just as many valuable coins are in circulation today as were 50 years ago. The “treasure hunt” appeal of error and variety coins draws people to take a closer look at the change in their pocket. This 368-page book is designed to help find those rarities.

The book helps make sense of phrases like “doubled die,” “repunched mint mark,” “double edge-lettering,” and “clashed dies.” Readers learn about the different types of errors and varieties and how to spot them, using the unique and useful combination of nearly 1,000 photos and illustrations.

An all-new chapter addresses major error types rarely found in pocket change but of general interest to readers who may want to delve into this area of collecting.

A brand new comprehensive chapter addresses rare and very valuable “transitional errors,” such as the 1965 Washington quarter struck on a 90% silver planchet and others of its ilk, that are worth thousands, often tens of thousands of dollars.

Among the coins included in the listings are Lincoln cents (with the Lincoln Memorial and Union Shield reverses), Jefferson 5-cent coins, Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarter dollars (of all types), Kennedy half dollars, and all the dollar coins issued since the Eisenhower dollar through the Presidential and Native American dollars.

The 2021 fifth edition was published by Krause Publications, now an imprint of Penguin Random House, which offers it for $20. It can be ordered at

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