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Book marks coin club centennial

As part of its 100th anniversary celebration the Rochester Numismatic Association has produced a book highlighting its extensive coin collection of more than 2,000 items.

The book, authored by 16 club members and introduced by Q. David Bowers, is titled Coins That Tell a Story. It features 52 select items in categories ranging from ancient pieces to Colonial coins, to United States Mint issues and more.

Each coin is depicted in color in the 150-page hardcover book. All photos were taken by Tom Corio and each photo is accompanied by least a page of description supplied by club members. Among the items depicted in the book are an original Proof Castorland silver token, a 1783 Chalmers shilling and a wooden 1846 Mexican hacienda token.

World coins are highlighted by 25 pieces such as a 1637 crown of Scotland, an 1824 Brazilian 960-real coin and a 1676 Pope Innocent XI pisstra.

Ancient coins in the collection feature a number of coins from the Bauer-Montgomery donation such as a hollow-handle Chinese spade coin dated to 770 B.C. as well as a Nearly Uncirculated year 2 Judea First Revolt shekel.

The book can be ordered from the printer on demand at the website, at a price of approximately $50 including shipping. ¦

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