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Bill seeks coins for Fleet Reserve Association

Commemorative coins are being sought to mark the 100th anniversary in 2024 of the Fleet Reserve Association.

Images courtesy of the Fleet Reserve Association.

Legislation introduced Feb. 9 seeks a three-coin commemorative coin program for 2024 recognizing the centennial anniversary of the Fleet Reserve Association.

H.R. 6663 was introduced by Rep. Gus M. Bilirakis, R-Florida.

The bill seeks production and release by the U.S. Mint of, in Proof and Uncirculated versions combined, 50,000 gold $5 coins, 400,000 silver dollars and 750,000 copper-nickel clad half dollars.

On Nov. 11, 1924, the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) was founded by Navy Chief Yeoman George L. Carlin and congressionally chartered. The FRA was born from the need for an organization to protect pay and benefits of enlisted Sea Service members and their families.

Although the association was originally named for the Navy’s Fleet Reserve program, membership in FRA is open to all current and former sailors, marines, and Coast Guard personnel.

The enabling legislation seeks surcharges of $35 added to the purchase price of each gold coin, $10 for each silver dollar and $5 for each copper-nickel clad half dollar.

Net surcharges, after the U.S. Mint recoups all production and associated costs, are to be forwarded to the Fleet Reserve Association for promoting the importance of and caring for those who have served in uniform, ensuring they receive proper health care and disability benefits earned through military service; and promoting the importance of, and caring for, those who are still serving in the armed forces.

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