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Readers Ask: Strange decoration's origin

Images show front and back of a large George Washington Bicentennial quarter dollar wall hanging. A close-up of the back inscription appears at bottom in the illustration. Little could be determined about the decorative piece.

Images courtesy of S. Roberts.

I was recently hunting for antiques and stumbled upon this big one-sided George Washington quarter dollar piece.

It measures at approximately a 10-inch diameter and has a hook area on the back for hanging it on a wall.

The back of this piece has the text “Made In U.S.A.,” and “©1975 Concise Casting Corporation,” “Hang” and a line pointing to the groved area where a nail would go.

The year date on the design vaguely matches a 1776-1976 Washington quarter dollar that was released in 1975 and 1976 for America’s Bicentennial.

Any ideas of what I might have found?

S. Robert

Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.

The George Washington Bicentennial quarter dollar was first released Aug. 18, 1975, and companies like the Concise Casting Corp. produced souvenirs to sell for the occasion.

According to the Library of Congress Copyright Office, the 1976 catalog includes a listing on Dec. 18, 1975, for the Concise Casting Corp. This copyright listing was for the creation of a “Liberty, 1776-1976” wall plaque made of metal.

The designer of the original work for the metal plaque design was listed as unknown, as was the designer of the reproduction.

An added note indicated that “additional sculptural expression” was used for the work.

Specific metal compositions or additional details were not provided beyond this.

Additional searches for the company’s name in conjunction with coin related designs came up empty, but perhaps other Coin World readers have similar souvenirs decorating their hobby areas.

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