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Basketball coins go on sale June 4, delayed two months

U.S. Mint sales of the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame commemorative coin program will open June 4, two months after originally scheduled.

The program was originally scheduled for an April 4 launch to coincide with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final 4 Weekend in Atlanta.

Precautionary health safety measures associated with the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of the entire NCAA tournament, and with it the coin program launch.

On April 29, the U.S. Mint posted on its website additional release dates for several upcoming numismatic products, after announcing the San Francisco Mint’s reopening for production after being shuttered March 17.

The last numismatic product the U.S. Mint opened for sale was the 2020-S Silver Proof set, which began April 17.

On May 18, sales will launch for a coin rolls collector box for storing rolled quarter dollars and dollars; bags and rolls of circulation-quality 2020 Weir Farm National Historic Site quarter dollars struck at the Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints; and the Uncirculated 2020-P 5-ounce silver Weir Farm National Historic Site quarter dollar (limited to 20,000 coins, at $178.25 each).

June 1 releases will comprise 200-coin bags containing 100 Kennedy half dollars each from the Denver and Philadelphia facilities ($147); and a two-roll set of Kennedy half dollars, one 20-coin roll each from Denver and Philadelphia ($34.50).

The Basketball Hall of Fame numismatic products to be offered June 4 include the limited-edition Enhanced Uncirculated Clad Half Dollar Kids set ($45), restricted to 75,000 sets and a household ordering limit of five sets. The Enhanced Uncirculated half dollar is being struck at the San Francisco Mint.

The Proof and Uncirculated 2020-W Basketball Hall of Fame gold $5 coins are both being struck at the West Point Mint. Pricing will be announced closer to the release date since their pricing is related to the spot price of gold.

The Proof 2020-P Basketball silver dollar ($69) and Uncirculated 2020-P silver dollar ($64) are both Philadelphia Mint products.

The Proof 2020-S copper-nickel clad half dollar ($39) is struck at the San Francisco Mint, and the Uncirculated 2020-D clad half dollar, at the Denver Mint.

Later in the calendar year, the U.S. Mint will issue colorized versions in limited numbers of the Proof dollar and Proof half dollar.

Struck coins will be shipped from the respective production facilities to an outside vendor for colorization.

Despite repeated requests, the U.S. Mint has not provided Coin World with the name of the vendor, details of the colorization contract, nor details on how the colorization is executed.

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