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Baseball coins deserve kudos

I just received the first shipment of my new Baseball coins (the Proof copper-nickel clad half dollars). I want to congratulate the Mint for developing the technology to strike these coins. Also, kudos to the designer for the obverse, Cassie McFarland, and to the engraver Don Everhart for his excellent work on the reverse design as well as his engraving skills for both sides.

It’s unfortunate that the reason behind these coins, honoring the National Baseball Hall of Fame, could not have appeared somewhere on the coins, but having served on the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee for four years, I realize that it is essential to keep the designs as uncluttered as possible. Any further wording I think would have made the design(s) too “busy.”

I predict this coin design has a great chance to be a Coin of the Year award winner!

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