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Barber Zombucks takes a stab at a classic design

Zombucks are a popular silver and copper bullion series from Provident Metals. 

Coin World explores all of the designs issued so far in the series.

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Barber dimes, quarter dollars and half dollars feature Charles Barber’s beautiful Lady Liberty. 

With The Barber Zombucks design, her face is rotting away and her neck is decayed by disease. She is hardly recognizable. Her cap and laurel crown are worn and marred. A pair of barber’s shears — a mad fool’s desperate attempt to stop the monster — is embedded in her eye socket. 

The rim includes 13 six-pointed stars, along with the words THE BARBER and 2018. The denomination of Z50 “promises the round’s utility when the zombies rise,” according to Provident.

The Barber mintage limits

Silver — 39,847

Proof silver — 10,000

Copper — 88,392

Proof copper — 10,000

Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated copper: $4

Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated silver: $26

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