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Bank of Russia plans note upgrades for 2022 through 2025

The Bank of Russia will issue a new series of ruble bank notes, beginning with the 100-ruble note in 2022, to replace its current notes series. Designs of the six note denominations will reflect Russia’s various regions, as shown on the map above.

Image courtesy of the Bank of Russia.

A Bank of Russia press release on March 23 announced an upgrade of the nation’s currency from 2022 to 2025, which will include six upgraded bank notes with more advanced security and modern design.

Upgraded 100-ruble bank notes should be issued into circulation in 2022; 1,000- and 5,000-ruble notes will be introduced in 2023; 500-ruble notes in 2024; and 10- and 50-ruble notes in 2025.

The current images of Saint Petersburg and Moscow will remain on the faces of the 50- and 100-ruble notes. The backs will have sights of the North-Western and Central Federal Districts, where the respective cities are located.

The faces of the new 10-, 500-, 1,000- and 5,000-ruble notes will have scenes of Novosibirsk, Pyatigorsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Yekaterinburg, respectively, with their backs offering corresponding sights of the Siberian, North Caucasian, Volga, and Urals Federal Districts.

The Bank of Russia statement notes that the design and basic security components of the 1997-style bank notes were developed nearly 30 years ago. Even though from 2001 to 2010, the Bank of Russia issued 12 modifications of these notes, there were no major enhancements in the realm of bank note security in over 10 years. Consequently the decision was made to update both design and security simultaneously.

The new notes and their predecessors are expected to co-circulate for at least 10 years.

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