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Auction offers 1794 Liberty Cap cents of Mark Cadden collection

After 30 years of numismatic collecting, the last 20 concentrating on copper United States large cents, hobbyist Mark Cadden has decided to part with his 60-piece set of 1794 Liberty Cap cents by Sheldon variety.

The set, to be offered Sept. 13 by Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers, in Los Angeles, California, comprises 58 coins attributed by Sheldon variety according to Dr. William H. Sheldon’s reference Penny Whimsy, as well as two NC or “noncollectible” issues. The NC varieties were considered by Sheldon to be noncollectible because he was aware of fewer than three examples of each die marriage, which warranted the NC attribution.

Some of the noted pieces in the offering are pedigreed to famous numismatic collections.

Among the highlights of Cadden’s 1794 Liberty Cap cent collection, cataloged by numismatist Bob Grellman and graded and encapsulated by Professional Coin Grading Service, is a 1794 Liberty Cap, Starred Reverse cent, Sheldon 48 variety, graded Very Fine Details, Environmental Damage. The variety is referred to as the Starred Reverse because of the 94 small five-pointed stars positioned between the dentils on the reverse.

Additional highlights are a NC-9 die marriage, graded Fine Details, Environmental Damage, the discovery noncollectible variety. Numismatist Chuck Furjanic purchased the coin unattributed in Miami Beach, Florida, on Jan. 3, 1974. Subsequent owners included Robinson S. Brown Jr., Daniel W. Holmes Jr., and Adam Mervis.

Other issues include an S-18a die marriage of the 1794 Liberty Cap cent graded VF-20. Its previous owners include R.E. “Ted” Naftzger Jr., Del Bland, Wes Rasmussen, Walt Husak and Al Boka.

The S-23 cent in the collection is graded Extremely Fine 45+ and was discovered in England. It was once owned by Denis Loring, Jack Robinson, Anthony Terranova, Tom Reynolds, Husak, Chris McCawley, and Boka.

The S-35 issue in the auction is the discovery coin for the die marriage. It is graded VF-25. Previous owners include Edouard Frossard, W. Eliot Woodward, Charles Steigerwalt, Lyman Low, Thomas Elder, Dr. George B. French, Dr. William H. Sheldon, Dorothy Paschal, Bland, Husak and Chuck Heck.

The S-37 coin in the collection is graded VF Details, Environmental Damage, and is rarest of the Sheldon varieties in Cadden’s collection. Among previous owners are Dan Trollan and Boka.

The S-53 1794 Liberty Cap cent in the auction is graded Fine Details, Damage. It is the discovery coin for the die marriage.

The S-68 Liberty Cap, Head of 1795 cent in the collection, graded EF-40, is credited as previous owners include Bland, Loring, Boka and Husak.

Despite Cadden’s decision to part with his 1794 cents he is not stepping away from numismatics. He still has his collection of 1793 large cents from the first year of official coinage output at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.

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