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Atlanta ANA National Money Show has best attendance since 2010

The American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show, held in Atlanta Feb. 27 to March 1, recorded a total attendance of 4,771. It was the best-attended National Money Show since the 2010 event in Fort Worth, Texas, which drew 5,480 people.

The bulk of the public attendance was registered on March 1 when daily public attendance numbered 2,201. ANA Executive Director Kimberly Kiick attributed much of the public attendance to the presence of the Saddle Ridge Hoard of gold coins, exhibited by Kagin's. Kiick said, "The Saddle Ridge Hoard is such an amazing story, and it was an honor to have Don Kagin and David McCarthy make the National Money Show the site for the public unveiling.”

Saturday, March 1, featured free admission and free appraisals of up to three items. ANA President Walt Ostromecki said in a March 10 press release, "Our Saturday educational family outreach day program which included free public coin appraisal was an outstanding success," adding, "We not only had the opportunity to help people discover that their holdings contained a few numismatic rarities, but we introduced many of them to the fun hobby of numismatics through the ANA — all part of our A New Approach strategy."

According to the ANA, a total of 166 new members were signed up at the show. In addition, 62 Scouts participated in numismatic workshops and 126 children participated in Treasure Trivia.  

Last year at the 2013 National Money Show in New Orleans, 3,204 attendees were counted.

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