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ANA lowers voting age for officer, board elections to 13

The American Numismatic Association, in a concerted effort to encourage young people to join and become engaged in numismatics, will allow members as young as 13 years of age to vote for officers and representatives on the organization’s governing board.

The amendment to lower voting age from 18 to 13 was the only change made to the sweeping new set of bylaws proposed and published in the June issue of the ANA’s journal, The Numismatist.

The amendment, proposed and seconded by Walter Ostromecki and Scott Rottinghaus, won the backing of governors J.P. Martin, Wendell Wolka and Vice President Tom Hallenbeck to prevail in a 5 to 3 vote. President Clifford Mishler did not vote.

Once the voting age question was settled, the new bylaws as amended gained the unanimous approval of the board, with Mishler casting a vote to make a recorded vote of 9 to 0 during the outgoing board’s final meeting on Aug. 19.

Mishler hailed the work of Doug Andrews and committee members who had spent the past two years studying and recommending modifications to the association’s governance documents. Mishler noted the new bylaws contain the most comprehensive changes since 1962.

Major changes include deletion of member, dealer, board of governors, officers and key staff codes of ethics from the bylaws. They are to be contained in separate documents but will be operative as cited in the bylaws under a companion document titled “The ANA Policy Manual.”

The policy manual also includes the detailed steps for filing complaints and administering mediation services. In addition, the manual lists membership rates and details advertising rates and contract qualifications for the organization’s monthly journal.

Mishler announced at the opening of the meeting that during an executive session held earlier in the week the board had accepted the resignation of life member Christopher Cipoletti, who served as the organization’s executive director from 2003 to 2007.

Mishler also announced that the board had just received the association’s annual audited financial statement, but since members had not had an opportunity to review it, acceptance would be delayed and deferred to the incoming board, which was to be installed at the conclusion of the ANA banquet Aug. 19.

The first public session of the new board led by President Tom Hallenbeck on Aug. 20 was brief, lasting less than half an hour.

Hallenbeck announced that he had appointed Larry Baber as the new treasurer and David Sklow to the newly defined office of secretary of the board.

Sklow, a former historian of the organization and former ANA staff member, as secretary is charged with keeping track of all bylaw amendments as well as detailing minutes of all board meetings and preparing them in a timely manner.

Hallenbeck noted that the bylaws committee’s work of the past two years was made difficult because of a lack of good record keeping with regard to bylaw changes voted by various boards since 1962. ¦

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