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ANA launching eLearning Academy on April 29

The American Numismatic Association’s eLearning Academy will be offered to members beginning April 29.

Images courtesy of American Numismatic Association.

The Education Department of the American Numismatic Association is launching a new initiative that will enhance the educational experience for members of all ages: the eLearning Academy, scheduled to go online April 29.

Education Director Christian Strayhorn explained the program in detail in a recent NumismaTalks presentation. Strayhorn stated the goal is to take education and create excitement for all ages and interests.

“Over the years, we’ve seen lots of numismatic knowledge,” she said. “As people age and pass away, the knowledge goes with them. We want to preserve the knowledge for all.”

The program is built on the key concepts of “Explore, Study, Connect” and the theme runs consistently throughout the plan. “We believe at the ANA that these are the things we can offer to all of our members. To explore, whether it’s the magazine or the museum. To study, through the library or Summer Seminar or other options. To connect, through the active membership.”

One of the first questions raised dealt with the future of the Summer Seminar, as some perceived new education programs to be possible replacements. In reality, the eLearning Academy is more supplemental. Summer Seminar and Community Outreach remain solid pillars along with the academy idea.

The academy concept draws from the ancient School of Athens. Just as great minds would convene at the ancient “academy” to share, debate, and preserve thought, the eLearning Academy will be a place where numismatic thought is preserved, shared, debated, and learned.

The foundational structure of the eLearning Academy uses programs centered on Young Numismatists, Aristotle’s Vault, NumismaTalks, Numismatic Diploma Program and Archived Content.

The Academy is open to all members free with the exception of the Numismatic Diploma Program section, which requires an additional fee.

Aristotle’s Vault offers expanded opportunity. “For years, we’ve had Summer Seminar,” Strayhorn noted. “Instructors came out here and gave their passion, their heart. That information leaves with the students. There’s no recording of it for those who can’t come to Colorado Springs. We decided we wanted to create an online video series that is going to basically preserve this expert numismatic knowledge.”

Two popular programs were recorded and edited into episodes for convenient consumption. Known as “forums,” the first features “Advanced U.S. Coin Grading and Problem Coins” and is expected to be available April 29 with the second to follow later in the year. Plans call for up to two forums to be added each year.

Other enhancements to the educational experience include access to NumismaTalks on demand and updating and revising the Numismatic Diploma Program.

For young numismatists, the program is broken into three grade ranges, each making use of the “Explore, Study, Connect” concept. Programs are tailored to proven educational standards while offering the students a say in their learning. “When students have a choice over their learning, they invest in it,” added Strayhorn.

The YN Program will have Ernie the Education Owl as a mascot. Ernie will be incorporated in activities such as Kids Zones, Treasure Trivia and more. The owl was chosen for its dual symbolism, representing the Athenian Owl coin and the wisdom and knowledge associated with the bird.

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