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ANA Board hears rosy predictions for August convention

The American Numismatic Association’s August World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Ill., is already shaping up to be a record breaker, according to ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd.

Shepherd told the ANA Board of Governors during a conference call meeting June 21 that the number of sold bourse tables stands at 470 and that an additional 32 bourse applications were received by ANA staff attending the June Whitman Coins & Collectibles Expos in Baltimore.

He said that 63 percent of the tables planned for the Chicago show are two, 10-foot “corner tables.” He explained that ANA configures its bourse floors in order to attain more corner tables and that in comparison to most other major shows, the ANA bourse in Chicago would translate to 879 “equivalent” tables of standard 8-foot size.

Shepherd said another measure of success is the record sponsorships and patron contributions that are at the $200,000 level.

Shepherd said ANA’s extensive marketing campaign and world-class special exhibits are building awareness and excitement about attending the Chicago show.

The executive director said there are also early indicators of success for the ANA’s new fall show in Pittsburgh slated for October. He said that strong sales of bourse tables already has caused the ANA to rent an additional 40,000 square feet of space for the show.

Shepherd reported a change in policy for traveling ANA exhibits. He said that in the future no items valued at $3,000 or more will be included in traveling exhibits.

He reported that the apparent theft of six coins from the ANA’s “Money of the Civil War” traveling exhibit on loan to the St. Louis Museum of Transportation is still under investigation. The missing coins include five gold coins and one silver coin valued at an estimated total of $18,844. The most valuable missing coin is an 1862 Coronet gold $5 half eagle, with a current value of $15,000.

Shepherd said that years ago when the gold half eagle was selected for the traveling exhibit its value was far less. He said the change in policy mandates that each time henceforth, as a traveling exhibit is being prepared and readied for shipping, items will be reviewed for current value.

ANA President Clifford Mishler opened the session by noting that ANA governor Walter Ostromecki had submitted a motion dealing with a bylaw change regarding voting age for Young Numismatists. Mishler reported that he had not accepted the motion for discussion because the current bylaws require that any proposed changes must be published in The Numismatist at least 40 days prior to consideration and that would be impossible at this point. He pointed out that proposed bylaw changes, which have been published in The Numismatist, will be on the board’s agenda when it meets in open session Aug. 19 in Rosemont. He said motions regarding the bylaws would be appropriate during that session.

The only action voted on during the open session of the June 21 meeting was approval of minutes of the board’s May 10 conference call meeting. ¦

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