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ANA accepting applications for top staff post

The American Numismatic Association announced Dec. 6 that it has begun accepting applications for its top staff position, executive director.

The ANA is a congressionally chartered nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging people to study and collect money and related items. It currently reports a membership of 28,000 and operates a numismatic museum and the world’s largest lending numismatic library from its headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo.

ANA President Tom Hallenbeck said a six-man search committee will review resumes and applications and conduct interviews to find top candidates to recommend to the ANA Board of Governors, which will make the final selection.

The application deadline has been set for Jan. 31 and Hallenbeck reports the ANA envisions hiring and having a new executive director on board by late April or early May.

Hallenbeck will serve on the selection committee along with ANA Vice President Walter Ostromecki and Governor Wendell Wolka, former ANA President Barry Stuppler and ANA members Sam Deep and Mark Lighterman.

Hallenbeck said that Debra Lovejoy of Employer’s Resources of Colorado will serve as a consultant to the search committee. ANA has for a number of years contracted with ERC for the human relations functions related to staffing matters.

Board analyzes position

Hallenbeck noted that the board had in recent weeks “analyzed the executive director’s role and reevaluated the qualities needed to help our nonprofit association thrive.”

The ANA president said the association’s next executive director “must have extensive knowledge of nonprofit management skills with the ability to initiate, implement and successfully complete programs and objectives.”

He noted that the ANA is seeking a person with at least five years of “management experience in a nonprofit or related organization, including supervision of a least a 30-person staff, along with strong communication, fund raising, consulting, business, negotiation, problem resolution, mediation, communication and interpersonal skills.”

He added that experience working with an elected board would be “highly desirable.”

According to Hallenbeck, the ANA has not announced a salary range but expects to offer compensation “commensurate with the experience and expertise of the person selected.”

The ANA president said the board had conducted research to identify salaries being paid by nonprofit organizations of similar size, measured both organizationally and by the number of staff under the executive director’s supervision.

Hallenbeck noted that the successful candidate must be willing to relocate to Colorado Springs, be able to work on weekends and evenings, and travel periodically on behalf of the association.

Simultaneous to announcing the opening of the application process, the ANA posted a four-page “Job Profile” for the executive director position, which can be viewed at:

Resume for the position may be submitted to Tom Hallenbeck, President, Executive Director Search — Confidential, American Numismatic Association, 818 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903, or by email to

The ANA executive director’s position has been vacant since Sept. 20, when the ANA Board fired Larry Shepherd.

Shepherd was named executive director of the ANA on March 7, 2008. ¦

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