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American Women quarter rolls, bags available March 27

Numismatic product options containing 2023 American Women, Edith Kanaka’ole quarter dollars will be offered by the United States Mint March 27.

Image courtesy of the U.S. Mint.

The U.S. Mint will offer beginning at noon Eastern Time March 27 100-coin canvas mini bags and 40-coin paper-wrapped rolls of circulation-quality 2023 American Women copper-nickel clad quarter dollars honoring Edith Kanaka’ole.

The release date coincides with the inaugural distribution into general circulation of the American Women, Edith Kanaka’ole quarter dollars executed at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints.

The numismatic products to be offered March 27 are circulation-quality coins in 100-coin bags from either facility, priced at $45 per bag, and two-roll sets, one from each facility priced at $40.

The 100-coin bags are limited to a maximum of 7,860 bags from each production facility; the two-roll sets are limited to an offering of 9,140 sets.

A household order limit is set at three of the rolls sets and 10 of each bag.

The San Francisco Mint is also striking circulation-quality 2023 quarter dollars, to be offered only in 40-coin rolls in a three-roll set along with a Denver and a Philadelphia Mint coin roll. The three-roll set, priced at $60 per set, has a product limit of 12,620 sets and a household order limit of three sets.

The 100-coin bags, two-roll sets and three-roll sets are currently available for order by subscription at the U.S. Mint website,, before they go on sale to the public.

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