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American Women quarter dollars are selling out quickly

As of March 15, U.S. Mint sales through enrollments for multiple 2022 numismatic products containing American Women quarter dollars have nearly exhausted the bureau’s inventory.

The Mint has been encouraging customers to take advantage of its enrollment option for individual ordering options to better guarantee order fulfillment.

Once established product limits are reached, no more products will be sold for that particular option.

All available inventory for the 2022-S standard five-coin American Women Quarters Proof set, which went on sale March 8, is exhausted as of March 15. The Mint’s March 13 sales report indicates unaudited sales at that time of 42,368 sets. The set contains the copper-nickel clad versions of the coins.

“Orders are currently being reconciled for duplicates, cancellations, invalid, or fraudulent orders,” according to the Mint’s notice concerning American Women quarter dollar numismatic product sales. “Should any inventory become available during this process, those sets will be made available via ‘Remind Me’ [notifications].”

The Mint expected enrollments for numismatic bags and rolls of circulation-quality Dr. Sally Ride quarter dollars to be depleted before the scheduled March 22 official sales launch to the general public.

Enrollments are expected to exhaust inventory for the:
➤ 100-coin bag, Philadelphia Mint.
➤ 100-coin Denver Mint bag.
➤ Two-roll set, Denver and Philadelphia Mints.
➤ Three-roll sets, Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints.
Various American Women quarter dollar products nearly sold out as of March 15 through enrollments are:
➤ Five-coin 2022-S American Women Quarters Silver Proof set, 17,455 units remaining from authorized inventory.
➤ Two-roll sets of circulation-quality Dr. Sally Ride quarter dollars struck at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints, 1,738 units remaining as of March 15.
➤ Holiday ornaments, 3,264 units remaining as of March 15. The ornament incorporating a 2022-P American Women, American Women, Maya Angelou quarter dollar with Uncirculated Mint set finish was not set to go on sale to the public until sometime this fall.

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