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American Liberty designs considered for coin and medal

The CCAC recommended proposed designs for the obverse and reverse of the Proof High Relief .9999 fine gold American Liberty $100 coin to be issued in 2025.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

Designs proposed for a 2025 American Liberty gold coin and silver medal to be produced and issued by the United States Mint were reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee April 16 during the first day of a two-day meeting aired live online over YouTube.

The panel recommended an obverse and a reverse design for the gold coin, but only an obverse design was picked for the silver medal. CCAC members requested that Mint officials have the outside artist who designed that silver medal obverse choice to render a new complementary reverse design, since the panel rejected the reverse design that artist submitted with the obverse.

Should there not be enough time for a new proposed reverse to be rendered and submitted for consideration, designs for the silver medal will default to the same designs as recommended for the gold coin.

During the April 16 session, CCAC members considered 28 obverse designs and 22 reverses.

For the 2025 installments in the American Liberty coin and medal series, the Mint will issue a Proof High Relief .9999 fine 1-ounce gold $100 coin, measuring 1.205 inches in diameter (30.6 millimeters) and a Proof 1-ounce .999 fine silver medal measuring 1.598 inches (40.6 millimeters).

The Proof silver medals will be struck on the same 40.6-millimeter planchets as are used in production of American Eagle silver dollar coins.

The gold coin is to be struck in High Relief with a Proof finish at the West Point Mint and carry the facility’s W Mint.

The silver medal is to be struck at the Philadelphia Mint with a Proof finish, with the facility’s P Mint mark appearing on the obverse

The gold coin will exhibit a reeded edge while the silver medal will bear a plain edge.

In conjunction with the bureau’s Office of Design Management and legal team, Chief Engraver Joseph F. Menna solicited design contributions from outside designers representing different artistic disciplines, including street art, graffiti, murals and tattooing, among others.

The CCAC’s recommended design for the obverse of the gold coin depicts a sunflower and a bee, representing the stewardship necessary to maintain liberty.

The panel’s recommended reverse design for the gold coin illustrates an energetic and swirling depiction of an eagle.

The CCAC’s recommended obverse design for the silver American Liberty medal reimagines the Statue of Liberty in stylized graffiti form. The base of Liberty’s torch is in the shape of a crown that rests on the L in LIBERTY. The crown is at once a tribute to the graffiti art form (the crown is a reference to graffiti artists as “kings” of the art form) and an allusion to how Americans converted their rule under a monarchy into their vision of a new nation.

The United States Mint launched its American Liberty 24k High Relief Gold Coin and Silver Medal program in 2015.

The Secretary of the Treasury authorized the program based on the Mint’s statutory authority to issue gold coins and silver medals.

Designs for this biennial program feature modern depictions of Liberty on the obverse and an American eagle on the reverse.

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