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American Innovation dollar Proof set sales begin in October

The 2020-S American Innovation $1 Proof set goes on sale Oct. 8 from the United States Mint. The set contains all four coins for the year.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint

Collectors interested in the four-coin 2020-S American Innovation $1 Proof set can begin placing orders with the U.S. Mint starting at noon Eastern Time Oct. 8.

The set, offered at $24 per set with no mintage limits or household order restriction, incorporates all four standard Proof 2020-S American Innovation dollars.

The standard Proof finish for the dollars, which are struck at the San Francisco Mint, exhibits frosted, raised devices contrasted against mirrored fields.

The four-coin set comprises the American Innovation dollars celebrating Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and South Carolina.

The four dollar coins share a common obverse depicting the Statue of Liberty. The obverse bears a privy mark of an industrial machine gear, adapted from design elements of the introductory 2018 American Innovation dollar.

The reverse of the Connecticut dollar recognizes the Gerber Variable Scale. The Massachusetts dollar reverse recognizes the invention of the telephone, depicting the dial of an early rotary telephone. The Maryland dollar reverse design pays homage to the Hubble Space Telescope. The South Carolina dollar’s reverse design represents educator and civil rights activist Septima Poinsette Clark.

The four 2020-S American Innovation dollars are also available individually, but with a Reverse Proof finish, at $11.50 per coin. The Reverse Proof finish presents mirrored, raised design elements against frosted fields.

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