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American Eagle dollar not instant ‘sellout’ after enrollment interest

The Uncirculated 2022-W American Eagle silver dollar, above, went on sale on June 1. Enrollments account for the bulk of the sales.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

Sales of the Uncirculated 2022-W American Eagle One Ounce Silver coin opened at noon Eastern Time June 1, with much of the 160,000-coin inventory already committed via enrollments. Still, orders were being processed June 1, and the “Add to Bag” option remained open early on June 2.

Whether any of the coins would remain available for sale was uncertain leading up to the launch date. As of April 12, the Mint had accepted 147,897 enrollments for the 2022-W Uncirculated American Eagle silver dollar, and a May 27 Mint press release warned, “Due to overwhelming demand, all inventory for this coin is reserved for enrollments.” The enrollment option for the product was listed as “Currently Unavailable” at launch time, as it was when Paul Gilkes reported on it in Coin World’s May 23 edition.

However, Mint customers reported success in placing orders for the coin June 1, evidence that at least some coins remained available despite the level of enrollment interest.

The Uncirculated American Eagle silver dollar was initially listed for $67 with no mintage, product, or household ordering limits, but on the day of launch, the listing carried a product limit of 160,000 coins and a household order limit of three coins.

The product is also included in the Mint’s Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program.

For the Uncirculated 2021-W American Eagle silver dollar, the product limit was 175,000 coins, and it was listed as unavailable after three days.

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