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Amazon launches collectibles coin store online

Amazon has launched online its Collectible Coins store, a marketplace that gives customers direct access to more than 10,000 U.S. coins from more than 75 industry-leading dealers, showcasing a wide variety of professionally graded and authenticated coins.

The new store is promoted by Amazon as "one of the largest online destinations to discover and purchase graded U.S. coins, featuring easy-to-use search tools. Customers can explore a vast range of collectible, rare and historical coins from highly regarded dealers, including Stack’s Bowers Galleries, Kagin’s, David Lawrence Rare Coins and Liberty Coin." 

“Collectors of rare coins are passionate about the hobby because coins represent the intersection of history, collectability and wealth,” said Steve Johnson, director for the Amazon Marketplace. “Coins have been one of the most searched for items in our collectibles stores. The introduction of the Collectible Coins store was inspired by customer demand and the need to provide a unique experience for customers to discover graded and rare U.S. coins from reputable dealers. We’re thrilled to bring the excitement and discovery of coin collecting to Amazon.”

Brian Kendrella, president of Stack’s Bowers Galleries, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and with operations in New York City, Hong Kong and Paris, said: “Collecting rare coins is a unique opportunity to hold history in your hand, along with the knowledge that you own a lasting symbol that has inherent value and importance.  We are excited about the opportunity to showcase our unique numismatic products to Amazon’s customers and reach a broad customer base that may be new to the joys of coin collecting.”

Notes a press release from Amazon: "The Collectible Coins store allows every customer the chance to enjoy the experience of discovery. From rare coins to popular modern coins, the new store features a broad selection to suit any customer, from the experienced collector to a first-time buyer."

The press release cites some specific coins available from dealer participants: a Proof 1907 Saint-Gaudens, Roman Numerals, Ultra High Relief gold $20 double eagle, $3.75 million; a 1955 Lincoln, Doubled Die Obverse cent, $1,800; an 1889-CC Morgan dollar, $8,560; a 1799 Draped Bust dollar, $5,170; and an 1856 Flying Eagle cent, priced at $20,000.

"Enthusiasts and modern collectors will find back catalog coins and U.S. Mint sets starting from 1955 and the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coins."

"Amazon can offer millions of new individuals access to the wonderful world of numismatics. With direct access to the Saddle Ridge Hoard Treasure, the largest buried treasure find in U.S. history, Amazon customers can appreciate why this collectible field is called the 'Hobby of Kings,' " said Don Kagin, owner of Kagin’s Inc. in Tiburon, Calif. 

Jim Foster, chief executive officer for Liberty Coin, headquartered in Los Angeles, said, "Liberty Coin offers one of the widest selection[s] of collectible coins found anywhere, including all of the U.S. Mint’s products produced since the 1950’s. After 48 years of building a successful rare coin business we now have the ability to reach a much larger audience.

Dealers interested in selling in the Amazon Collectible Coins store can access through this link

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