Search for $1,000 'Lucky Pennies' making headlines

There you have it. Ally on Oct. 18 placed 100 “Lucky Pennies” — which are in fact privately minted copper Ally tokens — in plain sight around 10 different cities from coast to coast: Los Angeles; San Diego; Denver; Austin; Chicago; Detroit; Charlotte; Washington, D.C.; New York City; and Miami. Each, when found, can be turned in for $1,000.

Coin collectors might roll their eyes at the far-from-glowing opinions people in the promo video express about the “penny,” or cent as it should technically be referred to. But who knows, maybe the Lucky Penny search will inspire a few to appreciate the designs of our Lincoln cent, and the transformations it has undergone since first being introduced in 1909. 

OK, maybe that’s a little bit of wishful thinking. But at at time when the U.S. cent is held up as an example of government inefficiency and is the butt of late-night talk show jokes, Ally’s campaign to bring increased attention to our little copper-clad friend certainly can’t hurt. Right?

John Oliver penny segmentHBO's John Oliver to U.S. Mint: 'Let's dump the penny': The host took nearly 10 minutes of air time to poke fun at the U.S. cent and advocate for the discontinuation of its production. 

How are people doing so far? Here’s the last we heard from Ally’s Facebook page: 

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