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All 2022 half dollars in rolls, bags reported ‘sold out’

The U.S. Mint offered circulation quality 2022 Kennedy half dollar dollars as numismatic products in 200-coin mixed bags and 40-coin two-roll sets.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

The U.S. Mint has sold all of its currently scheduled output of circulation quality 2022 Kennedy half dollars from the Denver and Philadelphia Mints in bags and rolls, with any indication of additional production being “speculative.”

The bureau limited its numismatic product release to 11,000 of the 200-coin mixed bags, reflecting 440,000 coins from each facility, and a maximum of 22,000 two-roll sets containing one 20-coin roll from each facility. The rolls reflect 1.1 million coins total from each of the two Mints.

The 200-coin bags were offered at $147 per $100 face value bag, and the roll sets at $34.50 for $20 face value of half dollars.

The U.S. Mint’s production report as of May 12 indicates 1.6 million 2022-P Kennedy half dollars were struck with a circulating finish at the Philadelphia Mint, and 1.6 million circulating finish 2022-D half dollars were struck at the Denver Mint.

Based on the difference between the U.S. Mint’s production and sales totals for 2022 Kennedy half dollars, 60,000 half dollars each from both facilities should still be left in inventory in Mint vaults.

However, U.S. Mint officials have not disclosed what it plans to do with any of the remaining 2022 Kennedy half dollars still in inventory.

None of the circulating finish production was earmarked for circulation distribution through the Federal Reserve. In contrast, 66% of the 15,166,400 circulation-quality finish 2021 Kennedy half dollars struck by the Denver and Philadelphia Mints, combined, were shipped by the U.S. Mint to the Federal Reserve for release into circulation.

The release of 2021 half dollars into circulation came as a surprise to most in the collector community. It was widely believed that none of the Kennedy half dollars struck in circulation quality were routed for circulation release since 2002, and that the output from the Denver and Philadelphia Mints was all reserved for numismatic sales in bags and rolls, offered at premiums above face value.

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