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Abraham Lincoln coin tops 2010 Presidential dollar

The U.S. Mint has released final mintages for the four 2010 Presidential dollars and preliminary production figures for the five 2010 America the Beautiful quarter dollars.

The quarter dollar production figures are considered preliminary because production of a previously issued quarter dollar could be resumed if necessary to fill orders for 200,000-coin bulk bags of quarter dollars.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential dollar had the highest output among the 2010 Presidential dollars, with 97.02 million coins struck at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. That mintage is the highest production figure for a circulation-quality Presidential dollar coin since the 102.48 million mintage for 2008 Martin Van Buren dollars.

The Grand Canyon quarter dollar topped production for the America the Beautiful program for 2010.

The coin commemorating the Yellowstone National Park had the lowest mintage of the five 2010 coins

The 2010 quarter dollar production is for the output of the first five quarter dollars of the 56 scheduled in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, slated to conclude in 2021.

Final mintage figures for the 2010 America the Beautiful quarter dollars are set to be released in January.

It is anticipated that final mintages for the 2010 Lincoln cents, Jefferson 5-cent coins and Roosevelt dimes will be released in January as well.

Total circulating coin production for 2010 will top that of 2009, which registered 40-year lows as the economic downturn resulted in reduced need for new coins in commerce. ¦

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