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‘Buffalo nickel’ a shell of its former self on Zombuff rounds

Zombucks are a popular silver and copper bullion series from Provident Metals. 

Coin World explores all of the designs issued so far in the series.

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The ZomBuff honors the reverse of the former Indian Head 5-cent coin design by James Earle Fraser

Humans were once the only type of zombie the living had to fear, but the infection is spreading to other creatures — specifically buffaloes. Herds of zombie bison now roam the streets searching for survivors alongside the shuffling human undead.

A haggard Black Diamond is the focus on the obverse. His appearance consists of bones and muscle emerging through shredded skin and fur. The former mammoth is a shell of his former self with his ribs, spine and skull fully exposed. Inscriptions encircling the monster read THE AMERICAN ZOMBUFF, Z TWO and 2018.

Zombuff mintage limits

Silver- 48,428

Proof silver – 10,000 

Copper – 129,986

Proof copper – 10,000

Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated copper: $5
Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated silver: $27

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