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4th of July: Coin World Facebook fans tell about patriotic coins

This Proof 67 1907 Saint-Gaudens, High Relief, Roman Numerals gold $20 double eagle brought $222,300 at a June 2, 2014, Bonhams auction.

Images courtesy of Bonhams.

The symbols, messages and scenes portrayed on U.S. coins seek to tell the story of our country from its earliest days.

With Independence Day week well underway, Coin World asked its Facebook fans which U.S. coins are the most patriotic and best embody the spirit of America.

Below are some of the responses we received. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

  • Greg Cohen: “Buffalo nickel's design is most American. Legend on 1792 Disme and Half Disme is wholly American: Liberty, Parent of Science and Industry. Perhaps the Continental Dollar, with the spelling of the original 13 in the rings of the reverse, the Fugio design inspired by Franklin, and dated 1776 takes the cake.”
  • Patrick Rueb: “Walking liberty half”
  • Lawrence St John: “The 1976 Eisenhower Dollar.”
  • Gary Albers: “Bicentennial quarter.”
  • Victor Bazaz: “The bicentennial coins”
  • Lawrence French: “Bicentennial coins and their future life as 100 yr old Tricentennial coins continue to tell story of history.”
  • Rodney Gerdes: “I agree with Lawrence, those coins are the most familiar with all Americans!”
  • Billy Huey: “I have 1925 peace dollar coin, I love the eagle on the back.”
  • Lawrence Kerr: “St. Guadens.”
  • Gary John Sokol: “Bi - centennial Quarter 1975 -1976”
  • Billy Huey: “I also like the Kennedy Half”
  • Tony Turner: “1982 George Washington Commerative Half Dollar”
  • Jas Trent: “$20 St Gaudens.”
  • Wally Reed: “the bicentennial quarter! got one in change today. had a great tour of the Denver Mint last Thursday!”
  • James Ballantyne: “Morgan Silver dollar!”
  • Robert A. Balduf: “Walking Liberty Silver Eagle Proof.”
  • Ken Bettasso: “Army and marines commems”
  • Ken Bettasso: “Pow commem ect”
  • Richard Kowalski: “Walking Liberty Half Dollar”
  • Mike Onusic: “The $20 Gold double-eagle”
  • Bryant Lovelace: “Star-Spangled Banner silver dollar”
  • Andy Dempster: "American silver eagle!"
  • Braydon Ballow: "Still wouldn't change the fact. That proposed and amended as its absolute motive; Our US, in the first sense of its meaning, declared independence in itself so that country might live. So the Fugio cents of 1776, would be most befitting to patriotism, and the documents carried from it."
Which U.S. coin do you think is the most patriotic? Tell us in the comment section below!

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