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2024-P Morgan and Peace dollars go on sale July 11

The United States Mint will launch sales for the limited-edition Uncirculated versions of the 2024-P Morgan and 2024-P Peace dollars at noon Eastern Time July 11, with pricing at $76 per coin. Proof versions are planned for a fall offering, date to be determined.

Mint customers who registered for the option to subscribe have been able to place advance subscription orders for all five numismatic product options containing the Morgan and Peace dollar variants, to ensure receipt after the sales launches.

Unlike the Morgan and Peace silver dollars from the 19th and 20th centuries, which were struck on planchets of 90% silver and 10% copper, the 21st century versions are struck on planchets of .999 fine silver.

Morgan and Peace dollars were reintroduced in 2021 as collector products, to mark the centennial anniversary of the transition of dollar coin production from the Morgan series to the Peace series.

The two Uncirculated finish silver dollar options for July 11 will each have a mintage of 275,000 coins and a household-order limit per product of 25 coins. That order limit will remain in effect during the first 24 hours of sales, after which the limit will be lifted.

The Proof 2024-S Morgan and 2024-S Peace dollars are to be struck at the San Francisco Mint with a production limit of 300,000 coins per product option at $80 per coin. The product order limit per option is 25, to be lifted after the first 24 hours of public sales.

A two-coin 2024-S Reverse Proof Morgan and Peace dollar set’s release limit will be 262,500 sets priced at $185 per set, with a per customer order limit of five sets. Again, the limit will be lifted after the first 24 hours of public sales.

Product orders by subscription through May 20 are as follows:
➤ 178,949 single Uncirculated 2024-P Morgan silver dollars.
➤ 172,976 single Uncirculated 2024-P Peace silver dollars.
➤ 205,377 single Proof 2024-S Morgan silver dollars.
➤ 190,766 single Proof 2024-S Peace silver  dollars.
➤ 166,944 Reverse Proof 2024-S Morgan and Peace silver dollar two-coin sets.

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