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2023 Extra V cent being certified, selling online

Images illustrate a second incuse V following the designer’s initials on the truncation of Lincoln’s bust on the obverse of this 2023 Lincoln, Extra V cent.

Images by Brian Kent, courtesy of ANACS.

In the six months since the first reports of discovery of a 2023 Lincoln, Extra V cent, three of the four major grading services have graded and encapsulated a combined 186 examples. Experts concur the pieces were likely intentionally made at the Philadelphia Mint through modification of a working hub to execute a single obverse working die.

The “Collectors Clearinghouse” column by numismatist Mike Diamond for the March 27, 2023, Coin World issue was dedicated to the discovery made by Buffalo, New York, area collector Dave Santiago.

Santiago discovered the anomaly while searching 32 rolls of Uncirculated Lincoln cents, packed at the usual 50 coins per roll. Santiago’s examination of the 1,600 cents yielded 75 examples of the aberration, three of which he forwarded to Diamond for analysis.

An incuse extra V appears to the right of sculptor Victor D. Brenner’s final initial B in the incuse designer’s initials VDB.

Diamond asserts the Extra V likely resulted from a modified hub into which the second V was carved or punched.

It is unknown how many of the Extra V cents were struck. Lincoln cent dies are capable of producing in excess of 1 million coins per die pair.

ANACS has certified 94 examples, with the highest grade assigned Mint State 67. Numismatic Guaranty Company has certified 84 examples, the highest at MS-68. Professional Coin Grading Service has certified eight examples, assigning grades as high as MS-67 red. Examples of the Extra V cent have sold on ebay for a few dollars to more than $375.

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