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2023 ‘Director’s Strike’ Peace dollars enter marketplace

This certificate of authenticity signed by U.S. Mint Director Ventris C. Gibson included in the Director’s Strike Uncirculated 2023-Peace dollar received by Oklahoma collector Tommas Pace is numbered 74 out of 200.

Images courtesy of Tommas Pace

One of the 200 Uncirculated 2023 Peace dollars struck at the Philadelphia Mint July 10 by U.S. Mint Director Ventris C. Gibson was climbing toward the $2,000 level in an eBay online auction set to close on July 31.

The coin had already reached $1,775 in bidding through 7:23 a.m. July 26, with 11 bids placed by six separate bidders. It is being offered by the recipient from Huntington Beach, California.

The Director’s Strike certificate of authenticity for the coin offered in the eBay auction closing July 31 is numbered 82 of 200.

The U.S. Mint retailed the Uncirculated 2023 Peace dollars and Morgan dollar product options for $76 each.

The products went on sale July 13, 2023, and order fulfillment began; ordering became available through the subscription option on the bureau’s website beginning more than a year ago.

The release of 200 coins struck by the Mint director, each accompanied by documentation in the form of a signed, numbered certificate of authenticity and a “Congratulations” card, caught the collecting community unawares. No prior announcement was made; the existence of the special strikes was only revealed when customers began receiving them in fulfillment of their orders.

According to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White, “Director Gibson made the decision to carry out a ‘Director’s Strike’ for 200 of the 2023 Peace Silver $1 coins after receiving input from members of the numismatic community earlier this year. The Director believes the ‘Director’s Strike’ will help increase excitement among established collectors and generate interest among new collectors and those outside the numismatic community.”

White said Gibson personally struck 200 of the Uncirculated 2023 Peace dollars during a July 10 ceremony.

The Gibson-struck coins are visually identical to the tens of thousands of coins struck by Mint press operators.

“There is no difference between the 200 units struck by Director Gibson and the other 2023 Peace Silver $1 coins, other than the other units were not struck by Director Gibson,” White said.

Gibson also hand-signed each of the 200 certificates of authenticity that were individually numbered and packaged in the product boxes shipped randomly to U.S. Mint customers who placed orders with the Mint.

The Director’s Strike coins were randomly placed into shipping boxes and sent to unsuspecting customers.

Collector pleased

Another Mint customer who received one of the coins, shared his joy. Oklahoma collector Tommas Pace said he was pleasantly surprised when one of the 15 Uncirculated 2023 Peace dollars he received from his subscription order, placed more than a year ago, was a Director’s Strike coin with the COA numbered 74. He provided Coin World with images of his coin and the accompanying documentation.

Mint customers were individually limited to ordering up to 25 of the Uncirculated Peace dollars and up to 25 of the Morgan dollars.

Overall production is limited to 275,000 each for the Uncirculated Morgan and Peace dollars dated 2023.

As of the Mint’s July 23 sales report, the bureau recorded sales of 259,941 individual Peace dollars and another 13,520 coins from the sale of 338 40-coin bulk purchase packs. Sales of the Uncirculated Morgan dollars reached 259,811 single coins plus 13,520 more coins from sales of 338 bulk purchase packs.

July 10 striking

The July 10 striking event at the Philadelphia Mint was witnessed by 20 visiting guests, including:
➤ Dr. Ralph W. Ross — outgoing president of the American Numismatic Association.
➤ Thomas J. Uram — incoming ANA president and a former member of the Citizen Coinage Advisory Committee. Uram was instrumental in seeking passage of the legislation that authorized the production of Peace and Morgan dollars in different finishes beginning in 2021.
➤ Kim Kiick — executive director of the ANA.
➤ Darla Jackson — member of the CCAC specifically qualified in sculpture or medallic arts.
➤ Staff members from several congressional offices (but no members of Congress).

White said none of the guests  at the July 10 event were permitted to strike any coins other than Gibson, nor was anyone allowed to purchase any of the 200 Director’s Strikes.

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