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2021 Morgan and Peace dollars sales end quickly

U.S. Mint customers placed sufficient orders Aug. 10 to push the limited-edition Uncirculated 2021 Morgan dollar and Uncirculated 2021 Peace dollar into “currently unavailable” status, though actual sales did not approach mintage limits for either coin.

First-day sales totaled 157,486 Morgan dollars and 179,984 Peace dollars, according to Mint spokesman Michael White.

The “currently unavailable” status was reached within the first 30 minutes of online sales, which began at noon Eastern Time.

“Currently unavailable” means that enough orders were received to deplete the limited authorized mintages, but more may become available after orders already placed are reconciled.

Sales were restricted to 175,000 of the 2021 Morgan dollar and 200,000 of the 2021 Peace dollar, with household order limits of three of each of the two numismatic products.

Both coins are struck without the P Mint mark, but at the Philadelphia Mint.

The coins were offered at $85 each.

The two coins were among six that the U.S. Mint is producing to recognize the 100th anniversary of the transition of production from the Morgan dollar to the Peace dollar.

On May 24, U.S. Mint customers exhausted the 175,000-coin mintages of the Uncirculated 2021 Morgan dollars with CC privy mark remembering the Carson City Mint and O privy mark remembering the New Orleans Mint. As of the Aug. 8 Mint sales report, sales totaled 171,331 of the CC privy marked coin and 172,784 of the O privy marked coin.

On Aug. 3, sellouts were recorded for both 175,000-coin mintages of the Uncirculated 2021-D and Uncirculated 2021-S Morgan dollars, executed at the Denver and San Francisco Mints, respectively. The Aug. 8 sales report lists 174,956 2021-D dollars sold and 174,930 2021-S dollars sold.

All six 2021 silver dollars contain 0.858 troy ounces of .999 fine silver, 11% more silver than the coins of both series struck in 1921 on .900 fine planchets.

All six issues are scheduled to be shipped beginning sometime in October.

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