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2021 Morgan and Peace dollar sale dates, price and specifications posted

Release dates, pricing, surface finishes and limited mintages are now known for the five 2021 Morgan and one 2021 Peace centennial dollar marking the 100th anniversary of the transition of production between the two silver dollar series.

The Mint’s posting for pre-orders also includes images of struck coins, as well as specifications that indicate the .999 fine silver 2021 versions will contain 11 percent more silver than the .900 fine silver originals.

Product shipments will not begin until October, according to the U.S. Mint.

All five of the 2021 Morgan dollar will be limited to a release of 175,000 coins per version, while the 2021 Peace dollar will be struck with a mintage ceiling of 200,000 coins.

All six coins will be offered at $85 per coin, with household orders restricted to 25 coins per version.

All six silver dollars will be struck with an Uncirculated finish, the same satiny finish used for Uncirculated commemorative silver dollars.

The Morgan dollar series was struck at multiple Mint production facilities between 1878 and 1904 and resumed in 1921, before Peace dollar production started in late December of 1921.

At noon Eastern Time May 24, the U.S. Mint plans to open ordering for two of the 2021 Morgan dollars, one with a CC privy mark as a nod to the Carson City Mint from Nevada and the second bearing an O privy mark as a nod to the New Orleans Mint in Louisiana.

The pre-sale period runs through 3 p.m. Eastern Time June 7.

The privy marks appear in the same position on the reverse as the Mint marks do on the originals, below the eagle’s tail feathers.

The CC privy mark is presented incuse on a cartouche, while the O privy mark has a dot in the center.

Both of the privy-marked 2021 Morgan dollars will be struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

On June 1, the Mint will open online order-taking for the 2021-D Morgan dollars, to be struck at the Denver Mint, and the 2021-S Morgan dollar, to be struck at the San Francisco Mint. Pre-orders run through 3 p.m., Eastern Time June 14.

On June 7, orders will be accepted online by the U.S. Mint for the 2021 Morgan dollar to be struck at the Philadelphia Mint without a Mint mark, the way the Morgan dollars were struck a century and more ago at that facility. Orders will also be accepted for the lone Peace dollar marking the centennial, a 2021 coin also struck without Mint mark at the Philadelphia Mint. The pre-order period will run through 3 p.m. Eastern Time June 21.

The 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars will be struck on the same .999 fine silver planchets that are currently used for commemorative silver dollars. The original 1921 Morgan and Peace dollars were made of .900 fine silver, with the remaining content being copper.

The 2021 strikes will contain 0.858 troy ounce of silver, versus the 0.77344 troy ounce of silver in the 1921 dollars.

The 2021-dated silver dollars were authorized under provisions of the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act, Public Law 116-286.

The enabling act was initiated and championed by Thomas J. Uram, who at the time was chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, and remains on the CCAC through 2021, and fellow CCAC member Mike Olson, who has since completed his service on the 11-member coin and medal design review panel.

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