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High-end MS-64 1889-CC dollar: $141,000

The 1889-CC Morgan dollar is the most well-known of the Carson City Mint Morgan dollars and is a key to the series in any grade with a low mintage of 350,000 pieces.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions' cataloger wrote that the example recently offered from the Coronet Collection II — graded by Professional Coin Grading Service as MS-64, with a green Certified Acceptance Corporation sticker — was so high-end that it was resubmitted for consideration as MS-64+, adding, “If this were any other date it could possibly make MS65.” 

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Legend praised its bold strike, luster and clean surfaces, commenting, “This coin does not look like it was ever dipped or messed with (yes these do come naturally white like this),” before predicting, “This coin is easily now worth $150,000.” It fell a bit short of this optimistic expectation May 15 at Regency Auction 32 in New Orleans, settling at $141,000, within its estimate of $125,000 to $145,000. 

The price matched what a different comparably graded example brought when offered as part of the Coronet Collection at a June 2015 Legend auction. 

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