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2019-W Uncirculated silver Eagle on Mint schedule

The U.S. Mint is scheduled to offer the Uncirculated 2019-W American Eagle silver dollar beginning at noon Eastern Time May 29.

The Uncirculated version of the American Eagle silver bullion coin was introduced in 2006 on the 20th anniversary of the series.

The 2019-W American Eagle will have no product limits or household ordering restrictions. Pricing for the coin has not yet been established. Pricing is determined by the spot price of silver the coin contains, plus a premium.

The Uncirculated 2018-W American Eagle silver dollar is still available for sale from the Mint for $46.95 per coin, and will go off sale once inventory is depleted or sales begin for the 2019-W coin, whichever happens first.

The Uncirculated 2018-W American Eagle silver dollar went on sale May 24, 2018. Through the Mint’s April 14, 2019, sales report, the number of coins sold reached 138,891.

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