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2019-S American Innovation dollar for Georgia on sale Feb. 11

The Reverse Proof American Innovation dollar for Georgia is the final of four 2019-S issues.

Original images courtesy of U.S. Mint.

It may be 2020, but the United States Mint still has one 2019 coin to offer for the first time — the Reverse Proof 2019-S American Innovation dollar for Georgia.

The coin goes on sale Feb. 11. It is the final Reverse Proof 2019-S American Innovation dollar to be offered in the planned 56-coin series.

The coin, like the previous three 2019-S issues, is limited to a production release of 75,000 coins, with a household order limit of five coins.

The coin is priced at $11.50. The two coins sold in 2019 were priced at $9.95. 

The Georgia dollar reverse recognizes the Trustees’ Garden, established in the 1730s as the first agricultural experimental garden in America.

So far, the Mint has released five American Innovation dollars in numismatic versions, as well as in circulation-quality versions offered at premiums.

The first coin in the series was issued in 2018 in both circulation-quality and Proof versions. That coin is an “introductory” issue, intended to introduce the multi-year series. The reverse depicts a series of stylized gears from machinery in the uppermost field. The lower field exhibits a facsimile of President George Washington’s signature as it appears on the first U.S. patent from 1790. The signature is a legislated element. Above the signature in two lines appears AMERICAN / INNOVATORS with a privy mark depicting an eagle with shield among agricultural and industrial tools.

The 2019 Delaware coin recognizes astronomer Annie Jump Cannon who developed a system for classifying the stars that is still used today.

The 2019 Pennsylvania dollar depicts an artist’s conception of the polio virus at three different levels of magnification along with the silhouette of a period microscope.

The 2019 New Jersey American Innovation dollar honors the development of a light bulb with a filament that could last 1,200 hours.

The common obverse depicts an image of the Statue of Liberty. 

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