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Nearly perfect Proof 1894 Morgan dollar

A few pricey rarities at Heritage’s recent Long Beach Expo auctions sold for less than in prior appearances, including the top lot — a Class I “Original” 1804 Draped Bust dollar graded Proof 62 by Professional Coin Grading Service that traded hands for more than $1 million less than it brought a decade ago, finding a new home on June 14 with thin bidding that totaled $2.64 million.

An exceptional 1793 Flowing Hair, Chain, AMERICA, Periods cent in PCGS Mint State 65 brown with a green Certified Acceptance Corp. sticker also fell short of the $1.38 million it brought in 2012, selling for $990,000 at Heritage’s recent Platinum Night sale.

But plenty of strength was seen in other top lots, among them a Proof 68 Cameo 1894 Morgan dollar.

The Lot:

1894 Morgan dollar, Proof 68 Cameo


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The Price:


The Story:

Nearly perfect Proof coins are always a visual treat, and this 1894 Morgan dollar graded Proof 68 Cameo by Numismatic Guaranty Corp. has exceptional toning that nicely offsets the cameo devices. Heritage observed: “The interiors are tinted light golden, but the borders exhibit vivid sea-green, lilac, amber, and bluish toning in concentric bands. A ribbon of deep copper-gold stretches upward across the eagle’s breast, providing a ready pedigree identifier for this high-end Registry coin.”

The nearly flawless silver dollar brought $27,600 at Heritage’s June 14 Platinum Night sale. 

Perhaps even more remarkable was a 1910 Liberty Head 5-cent piece graded Proof 68 Deep Cameo by PCGS with a green CAC sticker — the finest-graded Proof “V-nickel” — and it brought a massive $84,000. A nearly perfect Proof 69 Cameo 1910 Barber quarter dollar sold for $28,800. Heritage called it “a coin that is difficult to believe still exists today in such a miraculous state of preservation.”

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