1893-O Morgan dollar excels, silver market seesaws: Week’s Most Read

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Published : 11/10/17
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It’s that time again, time to catch up on what happened in the numismatic world this week. 

To look back at Coin World's five most-read stories of the week, click the links to read the stories. Here they are, in reverse order:  

5. Blue security thread’s developer discusses its creation on $100 note: The blue security thread used on current generation $100 Federal Reserve notes was the subject of a recent report on National Public Radio.

4. Silver demand in India seesaws as investors take profits: Total demand in India for silver in coins, investment bars, silverware, jewelry, and industrial applications remains above total supply.

3. Congressmen seek anti-counterfeiting answers from U.S. Mint, Secret Service: Two congressmen are seeking answers concerning efforts to stem the infiltration of counterfeit U.S. coins into the nation’s economy.

2. Certain Liberty Dollars are getting a special hallmark, years after seizure: Liberty Dollar medals seized by federal authorities in 2007 and now being delivered to their owners are being stamped, upon request, with a special hallmark.

1. This 1893-O Morgan dollar has aged well, sells for $411,250: Unlike the famed 1893-S Morgan dollar, the 1893-O coin is not among rare Morgan dollars at the forefront of collectors’ minds.

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