John Adams Presidential $1 Coin Cover has the highest sales for series

U.S. Mint still has many covers available dating back to 2009
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Published : 03/30/17
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With the 2016 conclusion of the 10-year Presidential $1 Coin Program, one might assume an end of sales for the Presidential $1 Coin Covers.

Not so.

In fact, the U.S. Mint continues to offer, albeit in limited numbers for some, coin covers for Presidential dollars dating as far back as 2009.

The Presidential $1 Coin Program was launched in 2007.

The coin covers are also referred to in the numismatic and philatelic worlds as philatelic-numismatic combinations, or PNCs, since they contain elements from both the stamp and coin collecting fields.

The Presidential $1 Coin Covers incorporate two circulation-quality Presidential dollars, one each from the first day of production at the Philadelphia Mint and at the Denver Mint, housed in a colorful philatelic cachet that is stamped and postally canceled.

Beginning with the George Washington cover in 2007 through to the James Garfield cover in 2011, each cover’s U.S. postage stamp was postally cancelled with a postmark dated to the first day each dollar was issued into circulation.

Starting with the Chester A. Arthur cover in 2012 and continuing through to the program’s end in 2016 with the Ronald Reagan cover, the postmark cancellation is dated to the first day the cover was issued.

The Garfield coin was the last Presi­dential dollar struck for commerce in circulation quality, after which then Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner permanently suspended dollar coin production for circulation.

Circulation-quality dollar coins struck dated 2012 through 2016, inclusive, and included in the coin covers, were never issued for circulation but were struck only for numismatic sales at premiums above face value.

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