George Washington half dollar leads renewed program

After 28-year hiatus, nation’s first president is called upon to launch new series
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Published : 02/14/17
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In late November 1991 Torres introduced legislation to reform operations of the U.S. Mint. The heart of his proposal sought to establish a revolving Numismatic Enterprise Fund to provide funding for numismatic operations and programs without fiscal year limitation. 

Torres’ Numismatic Enterprise Fund proposal was incorporated as Title II (United States Mint Reauthorization and Reform Act of 1992) in the 1996 Olympic Games Commemorative Coins Act, which was approved and signed into law as Public Law No. 102-390 on Oct. 6, 1992.

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Hello Beth! This article brings back some fond memories of my teenage years as a coin collector. I lived in Germany on our most secret NSA base outside a small Bavarian village from 1976-1979 (Bad Aibling Station). Every year I would send my paper order forms from the Mint in with a US Postal Service money order for 5 clad Proof sets & 5 Uncirculated coin Mint sets & wait patiently (checking the mail every day was a treat back then! ) for an average of 4 months for delivery of my coin sets. I still have them all & some are worth less than issue price! LOL
The Washington silver commemorative half dollars mentioned in this article are also available for less than the issue price, even with silver up substantially from 1982. But they are beautiful, & values are a subject for another day. Thanks for jogging my memory bank Beth!