Watch how the 2017 American Liberty gold coin is struck [VIDEO]

The U.S. Mint posted footage of production of the first U.S. coin featuring an African American Liberty
By , Coin World
Published : 01/13/17
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The country’s first look at the 2017 American Liberty, High Relief gold coin is making national headlines, most of them focused on the portrayal of Liberty as an African American woman.

Coin World readers, however, are likely just as interested, if not more so, in the coin itself, which is one of the biggest and most anticipated United States Mint releases of 2017.

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With that in mind, we know you’ll enjoy this video posted Thursday afternoon by the United States Mint that shows footage of the coin being produced.

Get full details on the new, headline-inducing coin here.

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It is always interesting to see how the main-stream media covers stories they know very little about. U.S. News & World Report online magazine picked up an AP wire story and published this about this new 1-oz .9999 fine 24k gold coin: "The coin is worth $100". LOL
Wait till their readers find out this coin will cost approximately $1500 or so based on spot gold price the day they are offered for sale on April 6. But with a very high mintage of 100,000 coins, they don't need to rush to order on day one!