Fractional Proof American Buffalo gold coins strong possibility for 2017

Only previous fractional versions executed in 2008
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Published : 01/24/17
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The U.S. Mint is contemplating production in 2017 of fractional versions of the Proof American Buffalo .9999 fine gold coins.

The Mint has struck the Proof American Buffalo fractional pieces just once, in 2008, when the West Point facility struck $25 face-value half-ounce, $10 quarter-ounce and $5 tenth-ounce gold coins, to accompany the annual 1-ounce $50 coin.

Consideration of Proof American Buffalo fractional gold coins is one of five ongoing projects that evolved from an Oct. 13, 2016, Numismatic Forum the Mint staged in Philadelphia, said Rhett Jeppson, the U.S. Mint's principal deputy director, before he resigned from office on Jan. 20 with the change in administration. At the forum, numismatic hobby leaders, the numismatic press, collectors and other invited guests joined Mint officials in discussing the hobby’s future.

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Jeppson emailed forum attendees Jan. 19 with an update on progress of several initiatives generated by the event:

Establish a pre-order system ‒ The pre-order system will be implemented for the 2018 World War I American Veterans Centennial commemorative coin program, allowing customers a 30-day pre-order window. Currently, the 2018 production schedule is being developed, which will determine on-sale dates for Mint products.

Implement bulk packaging ‒ Already in development prior to the Numismatic Forum, dealers will have the option to order the Proof 2017 American Eagle silver dollar in bulk packaging.

Increase portfolio of high relief silver medals with date and Mint mark ‒ A four-medal set based on the designs of the 2017 American Liberty gold coin is scheduled to be launched mid-October 2017.

Commitment to outreach by establishing the 2017 Numismatic Forum ‒ The next forum is being planned for fall 2017 in Washington, D.C. The Mint team will communicate details as they are finalized.

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