Mint reveals maximum mintage and the launch of sales for American Liberty gold coin

Initial price won't be set until close to the sales date
By , Coin World
Published : 01/17/17
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Collectors will have the opportunity to begin placing orders with the U.S. Mint for the 1792–2017-W American Liberty, High Relief gold $100 coin at noon ET on April 6.

The launch of sales of this second coin in the American Liberty series occurs four days after the 225th anniversary of the  April 2, 1792, passage of legislation authorizing a Mint and a federal coinage. The coin's edge marking is a nod to the Mint’s anniversary celebration.

The product will be limited to a maximum mintage and release of 100,000 coins. U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White said no decision has been announced whether any household ordering restrictions will be in place on the first day of sales.

Initial pricing will be announced closer to the April 6 release date.

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I posted a comment on Jan. 13 with the issue date of April 6 & mintage of 100,000 for this coin that was missing from CW Editor William T. Gibbs article that same day. The information was confirmed by a Mint official on the Mints comments section in response to a question on their website. The Mint was very open about all info about this coin at the Jan. 12 official unveiling in the Cash Room of the Treasury building & at the subsequent reception. I was very surprised how easy it was to obtain all info about the coin except a household limit. But with a very high mintage of 100,000 coins, that point is moot IMHO.
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