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2017-W American Buffalo gold Proof on sale May 11

The Proof 2017-W American Buffalo gold $50 coin will go on sale from the U.S. Mint at noon ET May 11.

Pricing for the coin will be announced closer to the release date based on the Mint’s pricing grid for numismatic products containing precious metals.

The coin contains 1 troy ounce of .9999 fine gold.

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The American Buffalo gold coin series was introduced in 2006, with both a Mint-marked Proof version specifically intended for collectors and an unmarked version with no special finish intended for bullion investment, under provisions of the same 2005 act that authorized the Presidential $1 Coin Program.

Another hectic release for the U.S. MintAnother botched release from the United States Mint: Inside Coin World: The release of the Congratulations set adds to the narrative that the U.S. Mint needs to overhaul its approach to limited-edition releases.

Unofficial, still to be audited sales, according to the Mint, for the 2016-W Proof American Buffalo gold $50 coin total 21,844 coins. The coin is listed on the U.S. Mint’s website as “sold out.”

The designs are based on those used on the Indian Head 5-cent coin, the creation of James Earle Fraser, and specifically the Bison on Mound subtype. That version of the design was used just for a portion of 1913’s production before being replaced with the Bison on Plain reverse subtype, which was used from 1913 to 1938. 

The gold version includes extra inscriptions not in the original 5-cent coin designs. 

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