Researcher exhaustively studies medallic representations of George Washington

Results published in illustrated two-volume work
By , Special to Coin World
Published : 12/15/16
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Let’s hope that some dedicated researcher will now come forward to extend the “Musante treatment” to medals of 1891 to 2000.

“Catalog values” do not appear in the text of Medallic Washington. All Krause editions of Baker included valuations. Those in 1965 were gathered into three columns per page in an addendum; later editions presented dropped-in values with most listings.

Many of these estimates were controversial, others went years without change and their actual usefulness could be and were vigorously disputed.

It has been announced that a printed price guide will soon be completed and sent to purchasers of the two-volume set.

Medallic Washington is offered at $165 plus $10 for shipping. Money matters always invite argument, but it should be noted that book publishing today is vastly more costly than unthinking critics may realize. 

My own American Art Medals 1909-1995 was ticketed at $155 by ANS, a figure constantly heckled by one major figure in the writing community. If the critics had a son or daughter in college in 2016 they would find themselves paying a similar price for a paperback science textbook without a second thought! How much more glorious is a deep-blue hard cover two-volume set with glossy stock and color photography throughout!

Simply stated, if there was a Nobel Prize for the most glorious book of 2016, Musante’s Medallic Washington would be a prime contender! 

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