Focused large cent collection decades in the making set for Feb. 12 auction

Collector hopes 1794 cent varieties go to close friends found in his 'journey with giants' in quest of the pieces
By , Coin World
Published : 12/31/16
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Florida collector Chuck Heck has been a numismatic hobbyist for more than 50 years, dedicating his focus primarily on United States large cents.

For nearly two decades, Heck has concentrated his acquisition efforts on the die marriages of 1794 Liberty Cap cents.

Now, Heck says, its time for him to part with his cherished coins and see that they find homes with collectors who will enjoy owning them as much as he has.

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Heck’s collection of 1794 Liberty Cap cent die marriages by die states, many with prominent pedigrees, will cross the auction block Feb. 12 in a sale conducted by Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers.

“This is not a sad time,” says Heck. “It is simply my time. I get to see my collection go to my close friends and it is being sold by close friends. I have had the pleasure to walk this journey with giants.”

Heck’s 1794 cent collection totals 103 coins, with at least one of each of the 58 numbered Sheldon die marriages as attributed in Early American Cents (later retitled Penny Whimsy) by William H. Sheldon. There’s also an example of the “semi-unique” noncollectible NC-4 variety.

Heck’s collection was cataloged by Bob Grellman and Chris McCaw­ley, The Copper Specialists.

Bitten early

Heck was bitten by the numismatic bug early in life, at the age of 8, when his father passed on his coin collection to him that included two large cents and a Colonial coin.

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