Focused large cent collection decades in the making set for Feb. 12 auction

Collector hopes 1794 cent varieties go to close friends found in his 'journey with giants' in quest of the pieces
By , Coin World
Published : 12/31/16
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Heck also makes it very clear that the coins have brought more to him than the pleasure of ownership.

“I got lucky! I spoke to [professional numismatist] Tony Terranova and he gave me the best advice on how to focus my collecting interests,” Heck said. “Having coin dealer friends like Chris McCawley, Bob Grellman, Doug Bird, Steve Ellsworth, Greg Hannigan, Mark Borckardt, Vicken Yegparian, John Kraljevich and so many others certainly made collecting easier. And having collector friends like John Adams, Jack Robinson, Walt Husak, Al Boka, and Denis Loring — five really crazy 1794 collectors — well, that helps, too!

“And you get to know the research people like Del Bland, Ralph Rucker and Craig Sholley; the bibliophiles like Jim Neiswinter and Jan Valentine.

“You put into the mix all the Boyz of 94 — well, it simply comes down to great friendships.”  

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