Focused large cent collection decades in the making set for Feb. 12 auction

Collector hopes 1794 cent varieties go to close friends found in his 'journey with giants' in quest of the pieces
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Published : 12/31/16
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Heck was introduced to the Early American Coppers club in 1974 by collector Roy Rauch, and joined the EAC ranks the following year.

Heck has served six years as EAC treasurer and is the current vice president.

Heck credits noted collector, researcher and author John W. Adams with introducing him to the nuances of 1794 large cents. A number of coins in Heck’s collect­ion were once among Adams’ holdings.

Heck accepted the challenge of acquiring representative examples of all 58 Sheldon marriages of 1794 Liberty Cap cents when he purchased a Sheldon 26 example at the 1996 EAC convention in Philadelphia.

The coin’s lot description for the Feb. 12, 2017, auction by the Goldbergs identifies its condition as Very Fine 25.

At the 2001 EAC convention, Heck teamed up with fellow EAC members Bim Gander, Dan Trollan and Jon Warshawsky to form the Boys of 94 — an assemblage of large cents collectors with an affinity for 1794 cent marriages.

It was then that die states and pedigrees began to hold special meaning for Heck.

“Purchase a nice-looking coin and you are likely also purchasing a piece of history that comes with an interesting pedigree,” he noted.


Heck explains that nine coins in his 1794 large cent collection carry the Adams pedigree. Eight of the nine coins were included in the 1982 Adams fixed-price list prepared by Bowers and Ruddy Galleries.

Six coins in Heck’s collection were once in the famous William Wallace Hays Collection, and some of those are plated in Hays’ 1893 book on 1794 cents.

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